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Behind The Lens

Hello! I'm Stacey White and I'm a boutique family photographer.

What does boutique mean? Boutique means that I walk my clients through the entire process of portrait artwork - from conception to archival heirloom artwork physically on the walls or in an album. 

I believe our photographs should be cherished and loved by all our loved ones. Displayed on our walls for everyone to feel the joy and love those memories bring to us when we see them. As a child, I always loved visiting my Granny. Her walls were filled with photographs of her past and my family. I always found great joy looking at those photo's, often wondering who some of them were. My Granny would tell me great stories from those portraits and how she grew up. Her memories were linked to those portraits and told the story of my history. From my great-grandparents, to loved ones that had passed too soon. I still cherish all the stories and the love I found, looking at all those old photographs.

As a boutique family photographer, my goal is to capture your memories and create Custom Heirloom Artwork to help families decorate their homes.

No matter where life takes you, there is always time to stop and capture life's moments. 

I invite you to send a message and set up your portrait consultation today.

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